CPS Engineering & Trading Pte Ltd

With years of coating experience in marine and  oil & gas industry, CPS have offer our customers with  high performance and low operational costs cleaning equipment & consumables for surface cleaning prior to coating. 

We partner with equipment manufacturers to provide dust free vacuum blasting and ultra high water blasting pump that have specific applications where environmental, operator, and access concerns are present.

Our environmental friendly high efficient and high quality Rock Garnet are widely used in different application such as dry and wet blasting, water jet cutting and water filtration.

CPS Engineering & Trading Pte Ltd was established in 2008 to provide:

  • Canusa CPS specialty pipeline coatings, for the sealing and corrosion protection of pipeline joints and other substrates.
  • RZA Rock Garnets, a mineral resource that can be used in abrasives for industrial cutting and blast cleaning purposes; as jewellery and in other industrial uses like water filtration media.
  • OH Precision water jet pump and high pressure waterjet components for cutting and surface preparation application.
  • Pipeline Induction Heating machine rental.

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